Darkworld : A game of intergalactic conquest
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Darkworld Space Ships

  • Probe The smallest ship in the game, the Probe is cheap to produce yet invaluable. This ship is useful for the initial exploration of planets. However, its main purpose is to observe and report activities that occur on the planet it orbits. This little gem can report when an enemy colonizes a planet, builds communication links, build ships, when enemy ships enters or leave a planet's orbit, and when a battle occurs.
  • Colonizer The largest ship in the game, the Colonizer allows the colonization of vacant inhabitable planets. When ordered to colonize a planet this ship loads a group of colonist from its current planet and departs to colonize the destination planet.
  • Carrier The space combat platform of the game, the Carrier is the only ship that can attack and destroy other ships. This ship carries thousands of Drones that are ready to decimate your enemies at a moments notice. When in orbit around a planet this ship will attack any enemy ships entering orbit. When this ship enters the orbit of a planet it attacks any enemy ships already in orbit. This ship will always try to maintain a full load of Drones.
  • Exterminator The terrestrial combat platform of the game, the Exterminator can bring an army to the doorstep of an enemy's colony. If the invasion of an enemy colony is successful, the enemy colony is destroyed. This ship will always try to maintain a full load of Droids.
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