Darkworld : A game of intergalactic conquest
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DarkWorld 0.2.1 Screenshots

DarkWorld 0.2.0 Screenshots

DarkWorld 0.1.0 Screenshots

Screenshot of login screen.

Screenshot of a player who currently has a probe building and has discovered another players colonies. Although not visible, the mouse was hovering above one of the other player's colonies. This caused the display of the information in the upper left part of the screen. The "c" showing in the lower right of some of the explored planets signifies that a colony ship was sent to colonize that planet. Likewise, the "e" showing in the lower right of some unexplored planets signifies a probe was sent to explore the planet. The green lines between planets are communication links.

This screen shot shows what the "other player" from the previous screen shot sees when logged in. Notice that the two players each see a planet that the other does not. This is because a player can not see other players home planets. The numbers 2.07.299 in the lower right represent the current game time in <Century>.<Year>.<Day> format.

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