Graphs for zxeno

The circles in each graph represent planet clusters.

The different colors have the following meanings.

  • Gray - A cluster in which no one created colonies on the planets zxeno explored
  • Green - A cluster in which only zxeno created colonies
  • Red - A cluster in which only other players created colonies
  • Yellow - A cluster in which zxeno and other players created colonies
  • Black - A cluster in which zxeno did not explore any planets

    Colony Creation and Loss AND Inter-cluster links zxeno created

    Carrier Movements, Creation, and Loss

    Carrier movements only Carrier creation and loss only

    Exterminator Movements, Creation, and Loss

    Exterminator movements only Exterminator creation and loss only

    Colonizer Movements, Creation, and Loss

    Colonizer movements only Colonizer creation and loss only

    Probe Movements and Creation

    Probe movements only Probe creation only

    Number of enemy ships destoyed by zxeno