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Compiling the client

Compiling the client is not as easy as compiling the server because you may have to download and compile prerequisites. However, if you are using Ubuntu Linux you are in luck because all of the prerequsites are available through the Synaptic Package manager. You will probably have to include universe and/or multiverse in the Ubuntu Synaptic package manager to find all of the prereqs.

Prereqs :

  • SDL
  • SDL Net
  • SDL Image
  • SQLite : I am currently using the old 2.x version of this. Most new Linux distros, install SQLite 3.x by default so you will need to install the older 2.x series.
  • ParaGUI Once again I am using an older release, make sure you download ParaGUI 1.0.4. I think that ParaGUI also depends on Freetype so you may need to install that. I have been using Ubuntu for a while now and have not had to compile ParaGUI, so please forgive me if I have ommited any other dependencies.

Most Linux distros will probably have all of the above packages, except for maybe ParaGUI. It was nice to see that Ubuntu had all of the above packages and ParaGUI. ParaGUI has always compiled easily for me under linux though, just do the normal ./confugre and make. For the other packages make sure you install the development packages for your Linux distro and not just the compiled libraries.

Compiling the client under windows is a bit of a black art. I have MinGW32 environment setup for compiling the client. I spent a few days getting that to work for the 0.1.0 release and ever since then I have just copied the whole Windows build environment around because I can not remember what I did to make it work. I remember it was painful to get it working though. So the Windows build process is not easily repeatable at the moment. If anyone has better luck let me know.

After getting the prereqs squared away, download the source code from here and then do the following..

  • tar xvzf <Download dir>/dw-0.2.1.tar.gz
  • cd darkworld-0.2.1/src/client/src/
  • make

After compiling the client run it with "./client -H .."

If you have any questions send a message to the mailing list.

© 2004 Keith Turner